EGA Institute for Women's Health


Current Grant Funds

A David (PI) Purchase of Olympus CX41 microscope for point-of-care urinalysis in pregnancy. Elizabeth Garrett Anderson Hospital Appeal Trust. £2,928 (2014)

C James (D Peebles primary supervisor) Maternal innate immune genotype and preterm birth risk. Elizabeth Garrett Anderson Hospital Appeal Trust. £10,000 (2014)

A David (PI). Role of connexin 43: Putative factor which affects fetal membrane healing and tissue strength”. Rosetrees Trust Project Grant. £29,775 (2014-2017).

Wellbeing of Women ELS Jane Currie (A David primary supervisor) “Do women presenting with abdominal pain and negative urine dipstick tests in pregnancy have subclinical urinary tract infection?” £19,765 (2014-2016)

Wellbeing of Women RTF Natalie Suff. (D Peebles primary supervisor) Augmentation of cervical antimicrobials to prevent preterm labour. £200,000 (2014-2017)

BMFMS Bursary Catherine James. Subclinical urinary tract infection in women at increased risk of Preterm Birth. £4960 (2013)

Wellcome Trust / Wellbeing of Women RTF Catherine James. (D Peebles Primary Supervisor) The role of cervical innate immunity in preterm birth. £278,903 (2011-2015)

N Klein (PI), D Peebles. An investigation of the role of maternal immune regulation in bacterial accumulation leading to preterm birth. Action Medical Research £119 332 (2011-2013)

Julietta Patnick (PI) D Peebles P Brocklehurst, P Sasieni, A Castanon, N Singh, P Walker. Risk of preterm delivery after excision of the cervical transformation zone NIHR RfPB £154,153 (2011-2013)