Wolfson Institute for Biomedical Research



WIBR provides training for all staff and students in most aspects of General Laboratory Practice and these areas are listed below.

In house training availability
  • Use of Tissue Culture/Fluorescent Microscopes
  • Use of Ultracentrifuges
  • Use of Bench Top Centrifuges
  • Use of Gel Documentation and Film Processors
  • Use of Class II/Laminar Flow Cabinets
  • Use of Autoclaves
  • Use of Water Systems
  • Use of Plate readers
  • Good Laboratory Practice and Safety implications
  • Maintenance and Trouble-shooting of potential faults
Tissue Culture 
  • General Aseptic Techniques/ Good Laboratory Practice.
  • Maintenance and Propagation of Primary Cells/Cell lines.
  • Use of Tissue Culture Equipment.
  • Trouble-shooting of potential problems.
  • Mycoplasma Detection.
Training FAQ 

Why do I need training in the first place, I have not needed it in the  other places I have worked before ? 

If you are familiar with the make and model of the equipment then 
obviously you will be able to use it. 
Any failures of equipment through neglect or ignorance will affect many 
other students and staff in the Institute, as well as repair costs for the 
respective group leader.

How do I go about getting training in the above procedures?

Get in contact with Laboratory Operations and/or Safety and they will endeavour to book the equipment and start the training as quickly as possible. 

Contactsd.heathcote@ucl.ac.uk (Lab Operations)
r.perelli@ucl.ac.uk (Health and Safety)
T-scan training slides Dec 2011

Can I be trained by somebody in my lab ?

In general Tissue Culture techniques are usually covered by scientist's in
their respective groups. The use of communal/group equipment can also be 
covered by senior scientists in that research group. However it is WIBR
policy that for equipment supported by scientific services, only members of
scientific support can train new students and staff. This results in consistent
levels of training throughout the Institute.