Wolfson Institute for Biomedical Research


PhD Seminars 2013-14


Dual recordings from Purkinje cells and cerebellar interneurons in vivo

Charlotte Arlt Thursday 10 July, 4pm-5pm

The role of input sequences in plasticity induction in cortical cells

Matej Macak Thursday 3 July, 4pm-5pm

On-line optical operant conditioning of cortical activity

Yuya Kanemoto Thursday 12 June, 4pm-5pm

Molecular mechanisms underlying mechanosensation

Jane Sexton Thursday 5 June, 4pm-5pm

Olig2 and epigenetics in oligodendrocytes

Paul Andrew Thursday 22 May 2014 , 4pm-5pm

Insights into the p53-DNA complex architecture

Sinead Kearns Thursday 15 May 2014, 4pm-5pm