Wolfson Institute for Biomedical Research


Newton Advanced Fellowship success

Dr Huiliang Li (WIBR, the UK lead) together with Dr Wenlin Li (the overseas applicant) from the Second Military Medical University (Shanghai, China) have been awarded a Newton Advanced Fellowship from the Royal Society, in partnership with the Academy of Medical Sciences and overseas funding agencies.

This scheme is funded by the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills as part of the Newton Fund, aiming to establish long-term links between the best research groups in partner countries and the UK to ensure that improvements in research capacity are sustainable in the longer term.

The £111,000 UK funding (plus a similar amount in China) will allow the two research groups to join forces to search for small molecule drugs that can drive efficient production of oligodendrocytes (the myelin-forming cells of the CNS) from human pluripotent stem cells, with a view to finding new treatments for myelin-related diseases such as multiple sclerosis.