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The Challenge of Chronic Pain

Wellcome Trust Genome Campus, Hinxton, Cambridge, UK 

Attendees of 'The Challenge of Chronic Pain' conference Hinxton, 11-13 March 2015

The Wellcome Trust 'Challenge of Chronic Pain' Conference took place 11-13 March 2015 and was deemed a huge success by both the organisers and attendees.

Chronic pain is a major challenge in terms of human health and well-being. Approximately 20% of the population has an on-going pain problem and many are poorly treated with current medication. Because pain affects the elderly disproportionally, it becomes an increasingly important and expensive problem as our population continues to age. 

The meeting, organised by the Molecular Nociception Group, focused on the need to better understand the underlying biological mechanisms of pain, so that improved therapies can be offered to patients.