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MEDC0082 Module 8: Commercial and intellectual property

Module Structure: (15 credits each) • Lectures and Tutorials • Assessment: 50% coursework, 50% unseen examination.

Module Title

Module 8: Commercial and intellectual property

Module CodeMEDC0082
Module LeaderDr Edith Chan
Short description

The underlining operations of Pharma should be understood, especially in the area of cost of drugs:  Cost of research, trail, IP, cost of drug development. Introduction of IP and law will be taught.  Economics of Pharma will be explored.

Module aims

  • Understand the importance of the concept and practises of IP in Pharma.
  • Law that governs IP and other practices
  • Law that governs drug industry
  • Understand the importance and complexity, and complication of cost of drug development.

List of Lectures and Tutorials

  • Patents and the Pharma industry, the law and reality
  • Economics, cost of drug development
  • Online tutorial on Intellectual properties
Module assessment 50% course work + 50% unseen 1 hour exam