Wolfson Institute for Biomedical Research


Room Bookings

WIBR Room Bookings

WIBR have 3 meeting rooms on the 1st floor situated in next to the café:

  • Meeting room 1 (1.2.04) max 12 people
  • Meeting room 2 (1.2.05) max 25-30 people
  • Meeting room 3 (1.2.06) max 10 people
  • Café area (for afternoon / evening seminars)

To Request a New Booking

email: wibr.roombookings@ucl.ac.uk

Your email will go to a mail box accessible by Alison Kelly and Sadiqua Khan, one of whom will place the booking for you. In your email you MUST include your nameand contact number.

You can request bookings in any of the three meetings rooms or the cafeteria AV setup, either on a one-off basis or for regular recurring meetings for up to one Academic year (i.e. to August 31st). 

Please do not request meeting room 2 (the large one) for meetings of less than 8 people.  

Note that if you wish to use the cafe for seminars, you also need to contact Alison Kelly in advance for access to the AV equipment

Please also see 'Purchasing room bookings' for non-UCL events

To View WIBR Room Bookings

Outlook 2010 for Windows:

1. Go to Calendar view

2. In top menu bar click " Open Calendar .. from Address Book " (drop-down menu).  A list of UCL-wide shared calendars appears

3. In search field, type " ~cruci " to narrow the list to Cruciform meeting rooms

4. Double-click on " ~CruciformBld.Meetingroom2(0).WIBR " and "OK".

5. Navigate to the dates you require as normal.

Outlook 2007 for Windows:

1. Go to Calendar view

2. In the left-hand menu pane, click " Open a shared calendar ".  This opens a dialog box.  Type " ~cruci " in the search field and click " OK ".

3. Select " ~CruciformBld.Meetingroom2(0).WIBR "

4. Navigate to the dates you require using the arrows at the top of the page.

Outlook for Mac:

1. Go to Calendar view

2. Click on " Open Calendar " in the header bar. A dialog box opens.

Type " ~cruci " in the search field and click " OK ".

3. Click on " ~CruciformBld.Meetingroom2(0).WIBR " and " Select ".

4. The first time you do this, an information box will appear about redirecting Outlook ... click " OK ".

5. The name of the calendar will appear in the left menu pane under " Shared Calendars ". Open the calendar by clicking on the name.

6. Navigate to the date you require using the arrows at the top of the page.

Calendars for Café meeting rooms 1, 2, and 3 and the cafeteria audiovisual setup (cafeav) are also accessible by the same procedure.

Infection and Immunity - Wing 1.3

There is also a room available within the Infection and Immunity wing 1.3 which is available for booking if our rooms are not available:

Other Cruciform room bookings

Seminar and lecture theaters located in the basement of the cruciform building need to be booked through the UCL room booking system. Please send an email to roombookings@ucl.ac.uk

Room availability can be viewed on the estates website at https://cmis.adcom.ucl.ac.uk:4443/roomBookings/roomBookingsHomePage.html?invoker=EFD