Wolfson Institute for Biomedical Research


Introduction and Contacts

General building services are provided to UCL and the building occupants by an external contractor, 14Forty, via a Private Finance Initiative scheme in the Cruciform Building. 

Other Building Support Services are provided by a UCL group managed by the WIBR and under control of the Buildings Manager, Chris Bradley.

Name Role Extension Email  Location
Chris Bradley

Building manager 46767 christopher.bradley@ucl.ac.uk Room 1.C.05
Jon Calver Building Services Manager 46622 j.calver@ucl.ac.uk Room B.2.01A Basement
Deliveries Team   46699   Room B.2.01A Basement
Security   46888   Front Entrance
Helpdesk   48666    
Summary of services provided to the WIBR
  • Private Finance Initiative contact management in Cruciform.
  • Providing an interface between UCL Departments and 14Forty Management.
  • Monitoring provision of services in the Cruciform by 14Forty, including coordination, QC and troubleshooting aspects.
  • To establish, manage and develop building operating procedures
  • Accommodation & alterations project management
  • Deliveries
  • Laboratory support
  • Moves

A visitor may be from UCL or an external organisation and will not have Cardax card access into the WIBR or UCL CI. As a consequence please follow these procedures to ensure your visitor can gain entry into the Institute:

Notify Security ext: 46888 in Cruciform, providing your visitors name, date / time of arrival, your name and contact details. 

Please ensure that you will be contactable and available to collect your visitor on this date / time. Unfortunately, they will not be allowed entry unless you are there to provide access and be responsible for them.

Out of Normal Working Hours Cruciform Building Access Procedure for Staff and Students

You must sign in and out - at front entrance security office

Procedure applies after 21.00 hrs & before 07.00 hrs Mon to Fri, and at all times on Saturdays, Sundays & College holidays

If working late please contact Security after 21.00hrs.

No egress via rear deliveries door. Always sign out at the front Security desk.

Fire Alarm

Sounder testing - every Saturday & Sunday between 07.00 & 08.00 hrs. You will be informed of this on your arrival.


The mail pigeon holes are located on the 2nd floor

A tray for all outgoing mail is also located there.

Collections will be made in the morning and afternoon Monday to Friday.