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Professor Giampietro Schiavo

WIBR Seminar

'Axonal signalling endosomes: trafficking, sorting and disease'

Professor Giampietro Schiavo

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(UCL-Institute of Neurology

Host: Professor William D. Richardson

My current research programme at the UCL-Institute of Neurology aims to elucidate the molecular mechanisms modulating axonal retrograde transport in health and disease, and identifying new pharmacological targets to restore physiological axonal retrograde transport in animal models of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). The guiding principle of my research is the application of basic science to the study of aetiology of disease by exploiting innovative technologies. We strongly believe that only by understanding the basic principles of membrane trafficking and signaling will we be able to uncover the pathological changes in the nervous system, leading to neurological disorders in human patients. These fundamental processes might then be exploited to provide an earlier and more accurate diagnosis, translating into improved pharmacological treatments and more favorable prognosis.

Key papers in 2014

Terenzio M, Golding M, Russell MRG, Wicher K, Rosewell I, Spencer-Dene B, Ish-Horowicz D and Schiavo G (2014)
Bicaudal-D1 regulates the intracellular sorting and signalling of neurotrophin receptors. EMBO J, 33, 1582-98.

Bercsenyi K, Schmieg N, Bryson JB, Wallace M, Caccin P, Golding M, Zanotti G, Greensmith L, Nischt R and Schiavo G (2014)  Nidogens are therapeutic targets for the prevention of tetanus.  Science, in press

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Date: Thursday 12th February 2015
Time: 4pm (please arrive 15 mins before start) 
Venue: Cruciform Café, 1st Floor Cruciform Building, Gower Street, UCL, WC1E 6BT
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