Wolfson Institute for Biomedical Research



WIBR provides communal equipment located throughout the Institute for all its students and staff. This is centrally supported and covered by preventative maintenance contracts.

A list of communal equipment is shown below with the relevant responsible staff member for contact for training and if problems/faults occur.

Class II Cabinets
CO2 Incubators
Gel Documentation
Fluorescent/Tissue Culture Microscopes
Bench Top Tissue Culture Centrifuges
Floor Standing High Speed Centrifuges
Floor Standing Ultracentrifuges
Bench Top Ultracentrifuge
Cooled Incubators
Orbital Bacterial Shaker Incubators
Underbench Fridges
Underbench Freezers
-20 Freezers
-80 Freezers
Plate Reader
Gel Documentation (Basic and Chemiluminescence)
X-Ray Film Processors
Ice Machines
Water Systems
Specialised Communal Equipment 

Preventative Maintenance/Service Contracts : Laboratory Operations and Safety managers have taken out contracts that cover all WIBR communal laboratory equipment.

The follows items are covered by our contacts (in general):-
  • 1 or 2 Preventative Maintenance visits/Year.
  • Emergency Call-outs.
  • Spare Parts or discounts on Spare Parts.
  • Guaranteed Response Times.
  • Training and Technical Assistance.
Equipment FAQ :

Non-Warranty Repairs: An independent engineer covers repairs to equipment that is not covered under a PM Contract and that may not be cost-effective to repair by the manufacturing company. The equipment should be decontaminated and left in Wing 3.2. A Decontamination/Equipment repair form should be filled in with all the relevant information and left with the equipment, or e-mailed to either Laboratory Operation Managers (Equipment repair form). The resulting invoice will be split between the end users who have the repairs and the costs charged against their respective Grant Codes.

The equipment is in our wing, therefore it must be our groups to use?

The Communal Equipment was purchased by the Institute and is centrally supported. Its use is for all the students and staff within the WIBR.

What happens if there is an equipment failure?

In the first instance get in contact with one of the Laboratory Operations team. We will troubleshoot any faults/problems before calling out an engineer. An equipment Repair/Decontamination Certificate should be filled out (Equipment repair form) and emailed to either of the Laboratory Operation Managers. An engineer will be called out and repair/replacement of the equipment will result.

Can I call an Engineer out myself?

Most groups have their own equipment and can call out their own engineers. They must however use appropriate WIBR procedures and contact both building services (ext. 46622) and Security (ext. 46888) to inform them of who is coming in, where they are going and what equipment they have come in to repair. All communal equipment and centrally supported wing equipment is covered by Laboratory Operations and therefore the companies should only be contacted by us.