Wolfson Institute for Biomedical Research



Dr Elena Dreosti

WIBR Seminar

'What are the neural circuits that make us social?'

Dr Elena Dreosti


Henry Wellcome Fellow,
Steve Wilson lab
Cell and Developmental Biology

Host: Dr Nicoletta Kessaris

We are fundamentally social. Every aspect of our lives is influenced by others: our happiest memories, our most important decisions, even our mental states. 

The most complex social behaviours all require a fundamental drive to approach and value members of the same species, i.e. a social preference. Humans share this essential drive with all other social animals. 

I will discuss how zebrafish, a small, transparent, social animal provides a unique opportunity to identify the basic building blocks of a social preference circuit, and to watch this circuit throughout its development in normal and pathological conditions.



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Date: Thursday 10th March 2016
Time: 4pm (please arrive 15 mins before start) 
Venue: Cruciform Café, 1st Floor Cruciform Building, Gower Street, UCL, WC1E 6BT

Refreshments will be provided