Wolfson Institute for Biomedical Research


WIBR Image Competition 2014

Thanks to everyone who submitted an entry for the image competition. There sixteen entries (below), all very attractive and we will use all of them on our website.  Our International Panel of judges has come up with three clear winners. They are:

  • Sarah Jolly (postdoc Richardson lab)  "new-born oligodendrocytes"
  • Alex Sinclair-Wilson (PhD student Richardson lab)  "lateral view of Kdr:GFP/ Sox10:mCherry zebrafish"  or, paraphrased, "zebrafish vascular system"
  • Freddie Partridge (postdoc Lomas/Sattelle lab)  "computer model of the C.elegans connectome"

Each of these wins £50 in tokens of their choice.  

Special mention (but unfortunately no consolation prizes) to:

  • David Cain (postdoc Singer lab)  "a pot of gold at the bottom of the rainbow"
  • Tomas Adejumo (Scientific Support) "BPAE cells with Mitotracker red"
  • Sandra Giuliani (Drug Design MSc student) "Calcium-dependent protein kinase 1 bound to the small molecule inhibitor BK1"

William D. Richardson