Wolfson Institute for Biomedical Research


Communal Facilities

The Institute provides communal facilities that are available to all WIBR students and staff and are located throughout the building. These are managed by PPP (Facilities Management)

It is however the responsibility of each of the research groups to maintain the day to day running and the high standards of their specific areas.

Cold RoomsRooms 

3.1.08, 3.4.07

Helpdesk Ext 48666

Laboratory Wash-upBasement Area, Rooms 
B.2.02 and B.2.03


Dark RoomsRooms 

Helpdesk Ext 48666

Schedule 1 AreasRooms 
1.4.04, 2.2.02, 2.2.05, 2.2.07, 2 .2.09, 3.1.07A, 3.1.07B.


Tissue Culture Rooms (Class II )Rooms 
3.1.09, 3.4.04 and 3.4.10.


Tissue culture rooms The Tissue Culture (TC) rooms available within WIBR have been designated for specific cell culture protocols and this should be strictly adhered to. Listed below are the available TC rooms and their specific designations.

1.4.11  WIBR 
3.1.09Primary Cells only
3.3.08Bacterial Culture.
3.4.04Primary/Cell Line Quarantine.
3.4.10Human/Mouse Stem Cells Quarantine.
Facilities - FAQ

Why not do all the different TC work in one area, it must be easier ?

Cross contamination, whether it be cell line, mycoplasma or viral, is a common occurrence in some laboratories. It is WICI policy to perform cell experimentation in the appropriate areas to reduce this from happening.

Who is in over all control of the designation of the communal facilities ?

The designation of the rooms is decided by the needs of the WICI at that time.
It is discussed with end-users constantly, but ultimately decided on the basis of Institute need by the management committee.

Are there other facilities in UCL that I can use?

Certain research groups within the WICI are linked with other departments and have the use of their facilities. There are also many scientific collaborations that require WICI staff to work in other areas of UCL.