UCL Urban Laboratory


Student publications

A selection of students' publications drawing on writing and research undertaken for MSc Urban Studies at UCL.

Cristian Valenzuela (2016-17) ‘The gay person always looks for the big European city’: the sexual migration of Latin American gay men in London.' In Mole, R. (Ed) Queer Migration and Asylum in Europe 2021.

Jack Leyton (2015-16) Publics and their problems: Notes on the Remaking of the South Bank, London. (with Alan Latham). International Journal of Urban and Regional Research 2019.

Archita Suryanarayanan (2016/17) GPS vs reading your city. The Hindu

Will Jamieson (2014-15) There’s Sand in My Infinity Pool: Land Reclamation and the Rewriting of Singapore. GeoHumanities

Rachel Ling (2014-15) How Skopje's Urban Makeover Alienated Locals http://www.failedarchitecture.com/how-skopjes-makeover-alienated-locals/

Jessica Cargill Thompson (2015-18) Old Kent Road: More Than A Monopoly Metaphor. Londonist

Juliane Zellner (2011-12) Temporary stages in the urban space: The 'cooperative formats' of the BMW Guggenheim Lab and the Syntopic Salon (edition: forschung).

Philip Comerford (2011-12) The Olympic security fence is a modern day form of enclosure. Open Democracy 26 July 2012.

Martha Mingay (2011-12) Orgreave 30 Years On: An Uncontaminated Name. http://www.failedarchitecture.com/orgreave-30-years-on-an-uncontaminated-name/

Tom Baker (2011-12) The Garden on the Machine. In Lindner, C. and Rosa, B. (eds.) Deconstructing the High Line: postindustrial urbanism and the rise of the Elevated Park (2017) Rutgers University Press.

Nazia Parvez (2010-2011) Visual representations of poverty: The case of Kroo Bay, Freetown. City, Volume 15, Issue 6, 2011

Christian Held (2010-2011) Contentious Informalities - The Narratives of Picnicking at Berlin’s Thai Park.  Dérive - Zeitschrift für Stadtforschung, 2013 (51), pp. 43–48. 

Daniel Lobo (2009-2010) Report for planners on the urban politics of Deptford regeneration: The need for a fairer power structure in urban regeneration projects. Opticon Magazine Issue 11, 2011

Lucrezia Lennart (2008-2009) Evictions: the experience of Liebig 14. In Gandy, M. (ed.) Urban Constellations (2011), pgs 158-162.

Craig Hatcher (2009-2010) Forced evictions: legacies of dislocation on the Clays Lane Estate. In Powell, M. and Marreri, I. (eds.) The Art of Dissent (2012), pgs 197-206.

Myfanwy Taylor (2009-2010) ‘Being useful’ after the Ivory Tower: combining research and activism with the Brixton Pound. Area 2014 [Open Access paper]

David Roberts (2008-2011) 'Slab'. A collection of site-specific concrete poems. Copy Press.

Regan Koch (2008-2009) On the Hard Work of Domesticating a Public Space. Urban Studies (2012)

Marina Chang (2008-2009) Food Junctions Cookbook: Living Recipes for Social Innovation (2011)

William Bradley (2008-2009) The gentrification of Broadway Market. Hackney History, 2010 Volume 16, pgs 49-62.

Regan Koch (2008-2009) Rethinking urban public space: accounts from a junction in West London Transactions of the Institute of British Geographers, 2012