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UCL offers a number of courses in urban fields that have been designed to suit your academic and professional interests, through both taught and research programmes
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Global Urbanism MASc

Our Master of Arts and Sciences degree will equip you with the critical skills and specialist knowledge to operate as an urbanist in today's global environment, collaborating across sectors to tackle urgent challenges and shape fairer cities.

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Urban Studies MSc

Closely connected with the Urban Laboratory, this interdisciplinary degree engages with the most important and innovative ideas on cities and urbanisation

Histories of Global London. Image: Rebel Space by Resolve, as part of the Brixton Design Trail and the London Design Festival 2016

Histories of Global London

Two open elective modules run by Urban Lab on how the city’s built environment has been shaped by global connections and associated population flows

Architecture and Historic Urban Environments MA

Pioneers the development of a more diverse and creative approach to the reinterpretation and reuse of historical environments in cities around the world, such as through imaginative architectural designs and urban strategies, and including issues of cultural heritage.

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Architectural History MA

Provides a coherent and intensive forum where students develop and test their own approach to the subject, engaging with established and emerging subjects, theories and methodologies.

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Building and Urban Design in Development MSc

Combines building and urban design related to the concerns and conditions of developing countries, linking the methods and practice of ‘design’ with complementary ‘developmental’ processes.

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City Planning MPlan

This two-year MPlan programme offers an in-depth, academically informed introduction to the professional practice of city planning. It explores both domestic and international planning practice and culture, and offers the opportunity to further embed learning through a practice or international option.

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Connected Environments MSc

Focuses on the research challenges that relate to the infrastructure required to instrument our built and natural environments. Initially run from Bloomsbury, the MSc will move to UCL East in 2022.

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Health in Urban Development MSc

This new course looks at the effects of urbanisation on both physical and mental health and considers the role of urban form, urban social interactions, productive processes and urban policies as causes of inequalities in health.

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Health, Wellbeing and Sustainable Buildings MSc

Builds upon the ever-growing worldwide interest in the sustainability agenda in buildings, with a particular focus on innovation for health and wellbeing in the design, assessment, retrofit and operation of sustainable buildings.

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International Planning MSc 

Aims to broaden students’ appreciation of planning and urban theory while providing the necessary skills to engage in critical and creative problem-solving, with a strong international and comparative focus.

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Inter-disciplinary Urban Design MRes

One-year research degree designed to allow students to tailor their own learning to their background and future aspirations. Students can construct their study in an inter-disciplinary manner, enabling them to explore urban design as a critical arena for advanced research and practice.

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International Real Estate and Planning MSc

Offers a unique focus on the relationship between the property development process and the planning systems of Europe and beyond.

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Light and Lighting MSc

A holistic approach to lighting design, considering the human response to light and lighting, science and technology, together with the design of lighting as an integrated part of architecture and the built environment.

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Science, Engineering and Public Policy MPA

Focused on developing the skills to leverage scientific and engineering knowledge and expertise within public decision-making processes surrounding societal challenges, not least those of local government.

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Social Development Practice MSc

This MSc offers a critical approach to 'people-centred' development, addressing the challenges for equitable citizenship in the context of social diversity and globalisation, particularly in urban contexts.

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Situated Practice MA

This 15-month course provides knowledge and training in the principles and skills of situated practice in relation to conceptual spatial theories in art, architecture, performativity, urbanism and writing.

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Smart Cities and Urban Analytics MSc

This programme is unique in its focus on the core challenges relating to the infrastructure of smart cities, from their operational functions and planning through to management and control. The programme reflects the challenges that technology is making to the operation of, and our understanding of, the city.

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Space Syntax: Architecture and Cities MSc

A course that mediates between the desire of architects and urban designers to produce high-quality designs and the imperative of architecture to provide a better place for society.

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Spatial Planning MSc

Aims to build students’ appreciation of planning and urban theory while providing them with the necessary skills to engage in critical and creative problem-solving.

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Sustainable Urbanism MSc

Offers urban professionals a theoretical understanding of the range of disciplines that together contribute to the delivery of sustainable urbanism.

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Transport and City Planning MSc

Draws on the latest thinking and debates in transport and urban planning, providing an interdisciplinary consideration of transport planning as part of the development of the sustainable city.

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Urban Design MArch

A design-oriented and project-based programme, with a strong research component, aiming to enhance the quality of cities by bringing together innovative design and the latest theoretical research on the structure of urban form.

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Urban Design and City Planning MSc

Focuses on urban design as a creative planning tool and the interface between urban design and city planning. Offers a comprehensive understanding and exposure to urban design theory and practice, and its interface with city planning.

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Urban Development Planning MSc

Explores the challenges of urban governance in the global south, seeking to expand the room for manoeuvre for socially and spatially just urban development planning.

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Urban Economic Development MSc

Explores how economic solutions can contribute to urban sustainability and well-being and aims to train professionals who are equipped to manage sustainable and viable cities in both developed and developing countries.

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Urban Innovation and Policy MPA

This new Master’s of Public Administration (MPA) provides the next generation of city leaders with the practical skills, tools and methods to innovate policy in the face of complex urban systems and the opportunity to work with real clients on policy problems.

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Urban Railways MSc

This programme in provides you with new transferable skills and visionary-thinking capabilities required for planning, operations and business management of 21st-century urban railways, which are fundamentally different from traditional railways.

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Urban Regeneration MSc

Engages with the decay of cities and their planned renaissance. Provides the opportunity to critically analyse complex urban issues and address them in a creative, strategic manner through appropriate implementation plans.

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Urban Sustainability and Resilience MRes

Introduces students to the radical new technologies and materials available to shape the future of the urban environment.

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