UCL Urban Laboratory



Student dissertation titles have included the following on London:

  • Forced evictions and the London 2012 Olympic Games
  • Animating public space: transformations at the Prince of Wales Junction, West London. 
  • Academy and activism in the case of the Brixton Pound. 
  • Here am I: language and methodology in art and urban regeneration. 
  • Appropriating the grown up city: urban exploration reaches new heights
  • Transcending normativity: the case of a Victorian cemetery
  • Mutoid Waste Company and the mutated heritage of King’s Cross
  • (Trans)forming gender, (trans)forming spaces: exploring the experiences of men with transgender identities in London and Yorkshire
  • Grindr, London: Images of possibility in hybrid space
  • Where were you when it happened? Negotiating distance and proximity in narratives of 'the Riots' of 2011
  • Greening the concrete jungle: the politics of urban gardening in East London
  • 'This Is Not Nothing': Everyday places and identities on London's Old Kent Road

As well as London, cities studied for dissertation research have included Toronto, Bethlehem, New York, Tel Aviv, Manila, Berlin, Sarajevo, Kinshasa, Bangkok, Durban and Sao Paolo:

  • Creativity-led urban change in the global South: the case of Metro Manilla
  • Quietly chasing Kigali: Young men and the intolerance of informalty in Rwanda’s capital city
  • Picnic ecologies: unpacking the contested socio-cultural space of Berlin's Thai Park
  • Walking the Talk: Understanding Everyday Multicultures in Singapore’s Migrant-Focused Trail
  • The garden on the machine: landscapes of the neo-pastoral and urban pastoral on the High Line. 
  • 'Some things are better left undead': the Toronto Zombie Walk and the urban carnivalesque
  • Reimagining Cairo in post-Mubarak cinema 
  • The production of public space in a Caribbean island: the case of Port of Spain 
  • A tank half full: Water in the socio-ecological imagination of Chennai
  • A Guide to the Occupation: Palestinian political tourism in the West Bank
  • There's sand in my infinity pool: Land reclamation and the rewriting of Singapore
  • Going out: everyday sociality and public outing experience of migrant domestic workers in Hong Kong.
  • Towards a Revolutionary Architecture of Communal Living: The Story of the 1973-84 Steilshoop Project in Hamburg, Germany
  • Destabilising urban social relations: exploring the geographies of Ipanema Beach