UCL Urban Laboratory


Urban Nights

Exploring the various ways in which we use and abuse the urban environment at night

Woman walks past a disued advertising hoarding on Holloway Road

The appointment of Amy Lamé as London’s Night Czar in 2016 has focused the attention of policy-makers, politicians and academics, among others, not only on the significance of the night-time economy, in the 24/7 society we are said to inhabit, but on the politics of the city, and its commercial and non-commercial spaces, after dark.

This research strand brings together all those with an interest in the distinct ecology of cities at night, in order to explore from a historically informed perspective, as well as one shaped by a comparative geography, the various ways in which, after nightfall, we use and abuse the urban environment.   

Academic lead

Prof Matthew Beaumont is Co-Director of UCL Urban Laboratory and Professor in English Literature. Contact m.beaumont@ucl.ac.uk to propose activities or connect with our work under this Priority Area.

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