UCL Urban Laboratory


Urban Regeneration in London

Dr Robin Kim, Department of Geography/Urban Laboratory, JHK Urban Research Lab, Post-Doctoral Research Fellow

Robin Kim's project explores urban regeneration in London, with particular focus on the area between St Paul's Cathedral and Tate Modern formed by the artery of the Millennium Bridge and Peter's Hill. The proximity of Tate Modern to St Paul's has helped shape this new axial pedestrian link and strengthened the relationship between the commercial centre of the City and the cultural hub of Southwark. At the same time, the narrative of urban intervention created by the new urban quarter has contributed to the transformation of that part of central London. The aim is to explore the form and role of this new urban axis and the way it has reshaped central London's socio-spatial geography. Historical references and policy documents are used to analyse how planners, civic authorities and historians have considered integrating the north and south of the River Thames. For purposes of spatial and visual analysis, conventional survey maps, drawings, sketches, photographs, planning documents and development plans are employed. The research also involves site observation, visitor surveys and Millennium Bridge pedestrian counting data analysis to explore the usage pattern of the axial space and the improvement of pedestrian accessibility on both riversides. This project is supervised by Professor Matthew Gandy.