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Sabatho Nyamsenda

Research Associate, Making Africa Urban

Sabatho Nyamsenda is an assistant lecturer and a PhD candidate at the University of Dar es Salaam (Tanzania) as well as a research associate at the Society, Work and Politics Institute (SWOP) – Wits University (South Africa). His doctoral study examines the political economy of informality in Tanzania with the intention to understand the links between trajectories of capital accumulation, forms of labour and (the denial of) access to space in the city of Dar es Salaam. Beyond his doctoral study, Sabatho’s broader research interests revolves around rural social movements, urban informal labour organising, capitalist crises, pan-Africanism and North-South relations.

Combining scholarship with community engagement, Sabatho has been working with grassroots organisations in Tanzania in a bid to amplify the voices of the laboring classes and push for reforms that cater to their needs and interests. One of his projects involved coordinating a newspaper column called “Sauti ya Mshikamano” (Voice of Solidarity) which published articles written or dictated by informal workers. He later compiled the articles into an edited book, entitled Wavujajasho dhidi ya Soko Huria (The Working People Against the Free Market). He is also the co-author of Mikataba ya Uwekezaji Kati ya Nchi Mbili (MIUMBI) na Athari Zake kwa Tanzania (Bilateral Investment Treaties and their Impacts on Tanzania) and the editor of Wamachinga na Haki-Jiji Nchini Tanzania (Street Vendors and the Right to the City in Tanzania).

Prior to joining the Making Africa Urban project, Sabatho served as a researcher/consultant for the African Cities Research Consortium (University of Manchester) and Sauti za Mashinani: Amplifying Grassroots Voices project (Rosa Luxemburg Foundation – East Africa), among others.

Role in the Making Africa Urban Project

Sabatho is a research associate in the Making Africa Urban project, tasked with liaising with communities and conducting research on the redevelopment of the Msimbazi Basin in Dar es Salaam.

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