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Matthew Lane

Postdoctoral Researcher, Making Africa Urban

Matthe Lane MAU
Dr Matthew Lane is a research fellow based in the Department of Geography at UCL. He is an urban geographer with an interest in questions of planning, housing and sustainable urbanisation. In addition to focusing on the African continent, and particularly the country of Zambia, his research has explored urbanisation politics in the United States, China and the United Kingdom.

His PhD explored the resurgence of master planning as a mode of urban governance across diverse regions of the world. Focusing particularly on the cities of Lusaka, Zambia and Sacramento, USA, his research examined i) how cities are arriving at the decision that they need to adopt new visionary master plans; and ii) how they go about producing these plans, drawing on forms of expertise from a variety of local and global scales.

Prior to joining UCL he was a research fellow at the University of Edinburgh, working on a variety of projects relating to experimentation in urban climate change and sustainability governance. His research has been published in journals including the Annals of the American Association of Geographers, Global Environmental Change and Climatic Change.

Role in the Making Africa Urban research project

Matt is a postdoctoral researcher in the Making Africa Urban research project, working alongside project collaborator Evance Mwathunga on research in Lilongwe as well as the analysis of the private circuit across all three cities.



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