UCL Urban Laboratory


Kimaro Amedeus

Research Assistant, Making Africa Urban

Kimaro is a Geographical Information Systems (GIS) expert and a town planner who specialises in housing and infrastructure. He graduated from Ardhi university Dar es salaam with a BSc. in Housing and Infrastructure Planning. Previously, Kimaro has worked as a GIS trainer and mapping supervisor at Humanitarian Openstreetmap Tanzania( Dar Ramani Huria). He is now working at Ardhi University in the School of Urban and Regional Planning, teaching GIS for housing and infrastructure planning. Kimaro has also participated in various consultancy projects including, Consultancy Services for Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA), Resettlement Action Plan (RAP) and Land Acquisition for The New Standard Gauge Railway (Dar es salaam to Morogoro). He conducts community mapping for flood resilience which involves threat and asset mapping funded by The World Bank Group Tanzania. He is also currently the coordinator for the Resilience Academy Project at Ardhi University.

Role in the Making Africa Urban Project

Kimaro supports the Making africa urban project as Research Assistant, working alongside with the project collaborator, Professor Philip Harrison, on the sovereign circuit in Dar es salaam

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