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Internet city



Panel discussion, May 2011, as part of UCL Cities Methodologies 2011

This panel discussion formed part of an ongoing project led by Dr Rebecca Ross (Urban Laboratory International Advisory Board) and Dr Ben Campkin (Director of the UCL Urban Laboratory), exploring relationships between the internet and London. It featured four speakers presenting projects that make innovative use of the internet to facilitate new kinds of relationship between London and its citizens. These speakers were: Matt Brown, an Editor of The Londonist, an eclectic online city guide; Mark Eves, creator of MyCouncil iPhone app, a tool to submit in situ feedback and complaints to councils on the fly; Kieran Long, a prolific London-based architectural journalist who streams his critique through a highly active twitter feed; and Tim Hardy, a member of sukey.org collective, developers of an ad hoc live mapping service for use by demonstrators during protests.