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Housing Urbanism

Unpacking, problematising and constructing a critical inquiry into housing across a diversity of global perspectives

Busy street packed with people
Housing urbanism seek to unpack, problematise and construct a critical inquiry into housing, as noun and verb, as product and process, and as one of the most powerful agents of urban transformations. It frames housing as city-making and highlights its political parameters, at a time when bordering, exclusion, and violence are permeating the quotidian, and when bodies are frequently detained or under threat of having their rights of mobility severely infringed.

Against the backdrop of surging racisms and populisms, whilst so many are abandoned to live and/or travel in highly precarious and often inhumane conditions, there is a heightened necessity to scrutinise what housing means today as an urbanism of inhabiting within different latitudes and epistemic frameworks. 

(Image credit: Camillo Boano)

Academic lead

Prof Camillo Boano is Co-Director of UCL Urban Laboratory and Professor of Urban Design and Critical Theory at The Bartlett Development Planning Unit, UCL. Contact c.boano@ucl.ac.uk to propose activities or connect with our work under this Priority Area.

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