UCL Urban Laboratory


Feminist Cities

How can fundamental freedoms to the city be secured through public policy, innovation and design?

Women talking on balconies in Templehof, Berlin, by Jonah Rudlin

A feminist city is more than a city free from sexual violence: it is the fundamental freedom to access the opportunities and resources of the city regardless of any protected characteristic such as gender, race, class, physical ability, sexuality. Because, while the city is a place of opportunity and liberation - offering a range of employment types, exposure to diverse cultural experiences and education - it is unequally accessible depending on categories of gender, race, class and physical ability. But interpreting this philosophy in terms of physical infrastructure design and public policy is an ongoing endeavor, which we will explore through this theme.

Academic lead

Dr Ellie Cosgrave is Co-Director of UCL Urban Laboratory and Lecturer in Urban Innovation and Policy at UCL's Department of Science, Technology, Engineering and Public Policy, where she is Co-Director of the Urban Innovation and Policy Lab. Contact e.cosgrave@ucl.ac.uk to propose activities or connect with our work under this Priority Area.

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