UCL Urban Laboratory


Killian Doherty

Bartlett School of Architecture

Decolonizing architectural practice: exploring dwelling and distinction within the redevelopment of Rwanda

Building upon 10 years of architectural practice and research in post-conflict environs, this proposal examines inherited concepts of 'modernity' that underpin the current built redevelopment of Rwanda. Where development as modernity, representing the ideal condition, abstractly renders the socio-natural world as simplified. These simplifications as concrete realities on the ground speak to the historic ethnic-conflict of exclusionary/ inclusionary citizenship and livelihood rights of access to land, nature and resources. This PhD by Design firstly uses a post-colonial and political ecological analytical framework of Rwanda's modern 'simplifications', that secondly uses design practice ,adopting 'anthropological' practices of dialogue, co-making and co-drawing to responding to non-westerns perceptions of 'development'. These design practices are sited within a 'historically marginalized community' in Rwanda.

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