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Equal by Design available to watch online

12 August 2016

Equal by Design

Equal By Design, a short documentary exploring how the philosophy of Baruch Spinoza can help us think about economic equality, housing design, and the crisis in affordable housing today, is available to watch online for free.

Premiered in London as part of the Urban Lab Films programme, the documentary is based on research from the Equalities of Wellbeing project, directed by Peg Rawes (Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL) and Beth Lord (University of Aberdeen). It features contributions from architects Peter Barber, Alex Ely, and Sarah Wigglesworth; Shelter's Deborah Garvie and former director of the Equality Trust, Duncan Exley; geographer Danny Dorling and Guardian writer Oliver Wainwright.

The new website includes additional filmed interviews, which provide further context for the film.

The film was directed by Adam Low and produced by Martin Rosenbaum of Lone Star Productions.

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