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'Emergency' Research Students' Roundtable

17 December 2020, 2:00 pm–4:00 pm

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Postgraduate Student Roundtable on the Urban Laboratory's annual theme of Emergency, in collaboration with the Institute of Risk and Disaster Reduction.

This event is free.

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UCL Urban Laboratory

As part of the launch of UCL Urban Laboratory's 2020/21 annual theme 'Emergency' in collaboration with the UCL Institute for Risk and Disaster Reduction, we invite you to take part in our Postgraduate Student Roundtable on Thursday 17th December, 2 - 4PM. 

From COVID-19 to the climate emergency, or the fallout from financial crises to authoritarian governance, we are asking: what are the characteristics and consequences of ‘emergency urbanism’ in its different forms?

Students will be presenting their areas of interest, followed by Q+A and an interactive discussion facilitated by Dr Ellie Cosgrave, co-director of UCL Urban Laboratory, and joined by the Director, Dr Clare Melhuish.

What relations of call and response – of voicing, listening and attending – do urban emergencies put into play? How have emergencies (real and imagined) historically defined and reconfigured urban societies? What are the particular urban sites and spaces through which emergencies are governed, administered, framed and represented? Does emergency have a colour? Is it whitewashed? What if emergency is not an interruption but a state of being, a permanent productive one? How do we refocus emergencies as a human issue rather than a technocratic or environmental one?

The aim of this year’s Urban Lab/IRDR annual theme then is to explore the characteristics and consequences of ‘emergency urbanism’ in its different forms, and in relation to the underlying structural causes of the planetary emergency. When does a momentary crisis become an emergency, and what happens next?

About the Speakers

Dr Eliie Cosgrave

Associate Professor at UCL STEaPP

Ellie is Lecturer in Urban Innovation and Policy at UCL's department of Science Technology Engineering and Public Policy, where she is co-director of the Urban Innovation and Policy Lab. She is also an outspoken advocate and campaigner for increasing the quality of Women's health services. She is a BBC broadcaster, presenting the Tomorrow's World Podcast and the BBC World Service series "My Perfect City".

More about Dr Eliie Cosgrave

Joseph Cook

PhD Candidate, Digital Anthropology at UCL

More about Joseph Cook

Henrietta Williams

PhD Candidate, Institute of Security and Crime Science at UCL

More about Henrietta Williams

Merijn Royaards

Artist-researcher (in collaboration with Henrietta Williams) at UCL

More about Merijn Royaards

Fernando Gutierrez-Hernandez

PhD Candidate, Institute of the Americas at UCL

More about Fernando Gutierrez-Hernandez

Vicente Sandoval Henriquez

Consultant and researcher on Urban Disaster Risk Governance at UCL

More about Vicente Sandoval Henriquez

Marie Williams

PhD Candidate, Institute for Global Prosperity at UCL

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Lubaina Mirza

at UCL

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