Urban Dynamics Lab


Our Impact

The Urban Dynamics Lab aims to transform the way that regional policy is created to allow much greater local sensitivity to context, at the same time as learning from evidence of what works and what does not in different locations. 

One of the core tenets of our work is to work towards a stronger base of data and analytics-led, evidence-based policy-making and increase the interaction between research community, the policy-maker community and the wider community. 

Our impact will be delivered through a combined programme of 

  • A Policy Advisor Network
  • Close engagement with partners
  • Annual 'Challenge Awards' to foster development of our work by the wider community
  • Regional workshops and hackathons with policy professionals, the developer community and the public
  • Publications, reports, audio-visual materials to foster knowledge exchange and to build a community of practice

By developing support networks and workshops for policy professionals we aim to build a community of practice working across the UK's cities and regions. The open source technology platform will make available the tools needed to develop policy customised to the specific local context of different regions while maintaining comparability of methodology and evidence.