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Urban Dynamics Lab people

Urban Dynamics Lab was a part of the EPSRC's UK Regions Digital Research Facility project and was headed up by Professor Alan Penn, former Dean of The Bartlett. 

It drew together the expertise of four UCL departments (Space SyntaxCentre for Advanced Spatial AnalysisGeography and Computer Science).

Principal and Co-Investigators

Professor Alan Penn (PI) is Professor of Architectural and Urban Computing and former Dean of The Bartlett,  University College London. His research focuses on representing and quantifying the configuration of the built environment in order to investigate the way that this affects the patterns of social and economic behaviour of organisations and communities. 

Professor Michael Batty CBE FRS FBA has held a stream of EPSRC, ESRC, ERC and EU grants that have funded the Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis (CASA) from 1995. The  Centre  and  his  own  research  focuses  on various types of urban simulation model in which land use and transport activities are forecast at different scales.

Professor Paul Longley BSc PhD DSc FAcSS holds a chair in  Geographic  Information Science  at  University  College London, UK. He has worked as PI of Co-­‐I on 48 research grants totalling over £18 million and supervised 46 PhD students (most funded by research councils). His publications include sixteen  books,  and  over  150 refereed journal articles and contributions to edited collections. 

Professor Philip Treleaven, principally known for pioneering the use of computational techniques in finance, where his team's research underpinned much of the early work on automated fraud detection, and led to the launch of the highly successful SearchSpace company, with current work in Algorithmic Trading.

Professor Alan Wilson FBA FRS is Professor of Urban and Regional Systems in the Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis at University College London. He is Chair of the Home Office Science Advisory Council and of the Lead Expert Group for the GO-­Science Foresight Project on the Future of Cities. He was responsible for the introduction of  a number of  model building techniques which  are now in common  use internationally - such as the use of 'entropy' in building spatial interaction models.

Dr Elsa Arcaute's research focuses on modelling and analysing urban systems from the perspective of complexity sciences. Her main branches of research are urban scaling laws, hierarchies in urban systems, defining city boundaries, and the analysis of urban processes using percolation theory and networks.

Research associates

Dr Ashley Dhanani (Space Syntax Laboratory, The Bartlett)

Dr Jens Kandt (UCL Geography)

Dr Tian Lan (UCL Geography)

Dr Carlos Molinero (Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis, The Bartlett)

Dr Clementine Cottineau (formerly Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis, The Bartlett)

Dr Duccio Piovani (Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis, The Bartlett)

Dr Michal Galas (UCL Computer Science) 

Senior Research Associates

Dr Tasos Varoudis (Space Syntax Laboratory, The Bartlett)

Dr Zeynep Engin (Computer Science)