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Perren Telescope

Perren Telescope

162082 flyby
Pictue of the Perren after installation with dome open.During First light evening of the Perren with FLI camera, this picture of the Near Earth Asteroid 162082 (small elongated streak in center) was taken. 162082 has an estimated size between 500m and 1km depending on albedo and passed close to us at approximately 16 times the average distance to the moon. As such it is a member of a large family of Potential Hazardous Asteroids and is closely monitored.

After 14 years of fund raising and a generous contribution in the previous decade from the Frederick Perren Fund, we have installed, and are in the process of commissioning, a new 80cm telescope in the Wilson building. The makers of the telescope, ASTELCO have built a range of telescope sizes (0.6 to 2 metre diameters) in many observatories around the world. Installation occured in June 2019 and student operation will commence early 2020.

Aperture:800 mm
Focal Length:~ 6400 mm
CCD Field of view:>45 arcmin Nasymth corrected FoV  / Actual field depends on Camera chip size.