Translational Research Office (TRO)


Target Identification and Validation

DDG offer help with target ID & validation studies.

Examples include: 

  • Experience in developing biochemical and cell based approaches including primary cell assays across multiple target classes.
  • Synthesis of tool compounds, enabling researchers to confirm effects observed with target knockdown experiments.
  • Provide tools compounds for profiling in clinical tissue to determine potential future combinations
  • Developing compounds that have been used for target pull-down experiments in cellular systems.
  • Correlating cellular data with enzyme inhibition profiles (using focused sets of tool compounds) to determine key targets for future drug discovery projects.

MediaCentral Widget Placeholderhttps://mediacentral.ucl.ac.uk/Player/43708280

Video of S-lab automated plate reading. Plates are moved from the ‘up-stack’ to the barcode reader before being placed in the Sense plate reader. A fluorescence read is automatically performed – then plates are deposited in the ‘down-stack’. Video at 10x normal speed.