Translational Research Office (TRO)


Assay Development

DDG offer help with assay development.

Examples include:

  • Advise researchers on the appropriate assay format and screening technologies, and aid in the miniaturisation of current and development of robust screening assays. 
  • Support this with dedicated liquid handing robotics to aid focused screens and microplate readers supporting fluorescence, luminescence, FRET, and alpha-screens.
  • Experience of labelling known inhibitors with fluorescent tags to develop simple ligand displacement assays
  • Synthesise of competitor compounds to act as standards in screening campaigns. 

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Compound addition to cells in 384-well format on BRAVO. In a sterile environment 96-well intermediate plates (containing compounds diluted in media) are de-lidded, mixed and added in duplicate to 2 384-well cell plates in sequence.