Translational Research Office (TRO)


UCL DDG Pipeline & Collaborators

The Drug Discovery Group's successful pipeline within UCL currently consists of 9 projects spanning across early stage drug discovery - from target identification to candidate selection.

 The pipeline below shows at what stage we are at along the early drug discovery process and relevant collaborators for each of the 9 current DDG projects. Wave 1 projects are those built upon UCL-based research, where Wave 2 projects are earlier stage involving the DDG team establishing a suitable drug discovery approach or confirming data associated with early tool compounds. 

Learn more about each project by clicking on the bars below. 

Wave 1 projects:
Treating heart failure via novel mechanisms
Treating breast cancer via novel mechanisms
Targeted approaches to treating mesothelioma
Dengue Virus therapeutics
Novel approaches to pancreatic cancer
Novel approaches to AML
Wave 2 projects:
Treating adult T-cell leukaemia/lymphoma
AI approaches to RSV replication inhibitors
Novel anti-microbial