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The aims of the Translational Research Group (TRG) are to enhance the translational culture within UCL and to facilitate the translation of UCL’s basic and clinical research into therapies, techniques and medical products with therapeutic value. These aims are achieved through interacting with investigators, identifying translatable opportunities, advising on project progression strategy and accessing suitable funding.

The TRG has specialist knowledge of the translational funding landscape and available to provide assistance with translational funding schemes offered by the MRC (DPFS / DCS), Wellcome Trust, CRUK, NIHR and others.

The UCL TRG manages a broad spectrum of projects ranging between pre-clinical and Phase II studies: offering support to all therapeutic areas, and therapeutic modalities. With 41 successful applications to date, the team has raised in excess of £50m for UCL translational research. The TRG are actively providing project management support to 37 on-going projects with approximately 15 projects in application stage

The TRG also link investigators to necessary resources (internal or external) for projects at all phases - discovery, preclinical or clinical. Translational grants typically require proactive project management as a funder requirement. Once a project has secured funding, we can provide project management expertise to steer projects towards practical endpoints, on a cost recovery basis.

The TRG administers the UCL Therapeutic Acceleration Support (TAS) fund.