Transforming Our Professional Services


We’re building upon the successes of the Professional Services Hub

25 June 2019

Since the launch of the PS Hub in March 2019, the team have identified and made some great improvements to the ways we are delivering our services. Due to the Hub’s continued success, we are looking to expand the range of services delivered.

Photo of 1 St Martin's Le Grand from the street

What has happened since the PS Hub launched?

The PS Hub was successfully launched on Monday 11 March 2019. Over 120 colleagues from across professional services moved to 1 St Martin Le Grand (1SMLG). 

The PS Hub teams are now working together to deliver our services more effectively, in an exciting and innovative way and have access to more opportunities to develop their careers.

We’ve seen some great improvements in service since the launch, including: 

  • A significant reduction in the NHS billing backlog due to process re-engineering. The backlog is down to one month from five. 
  • We are starting to see real benefits from teams being co-located at St Martins Le Grand as process improvement workshops and cross functional training have helped improve our ways of working and make the way we deliver our services more effective.
  • A significant reduction in the Portico ticket backlog. Portico queries are now resolved by the ISD helpdesk within the PS Hub. 
  • The HR Services team have been working closely with ISD colleagues based in SMLG to get our first automated process into production and develop the business case for future processes. This is a piece of software that automates high volume simple tasks allowing the team to focus on more complex and higher value activities.

And the team continue to identify more improvements that could be made to the way we deliver our services. As of the beginning of June, we have approximately 30 separate key projects in progress in our continuous improvement log.

Building on the successes of the PS Hub

Due to the Hub’s continued success, we are looking to expand the range of services delivered.

  • We are working with the PS Directors to help us understand the additional services that could be delivered by the PS Hub.
  • We have shared a questionnaire with the PS Directors which helps identify service areas, and individuals or teams delivering these services, that could move over to the PS Hub as part of ‘Tranche 2’ later this year.
  • We are also working closely with the TOPS transformer projects and with ISD enablers to understand how these projects can support the services delivered by the PS Hub. 

The vision for the PS Hub is to continue to build upon the benefits of sharing best practice, continuous improvement, collaboration and developing career opportunities. So, the teams joining the PS Hub as part of Tranche 2 will be those that deliver similar, customer-service driven processes and share common systems to the existing PS Hub teams. Any teams joining the PS Hub would also move over in their current team structure.  

Key dates and next steps

The PS Hub Project Board will be reviewing our plan for Tranche 2 at the end of June. Shortly after, in early July, we will be talking to the teams identified to move over to the PS Hub as part of Tranche 2.  

During this time we will also begin data gathering in preparation for the move. This will involve working closely with colleagues to collate information on current ways of working, organisational data and service catalogues to help ensure a smooth transition. In the meantime, if you have any questions regarding the PS Hub, please contact Paul Downey (PS Hub Project Manager)

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