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The PS Hub: Hub Director January Update

23 January 2019

The Professional Services Hub is launching on 11 March 2019, with colleagues from across our central professional services moving to St Martin’s Le Grand.

Photo of 1 St Martin's Le Grande from the street

The Professional Services Hub (PS Hub) is launching on 11 March 2019, with colleagues from across our Central Professional Services moving to St Martin’s Le Grand. The PS Hub will work with UCL colleagues over time to improve service quality across professional services, bringing together like-minded colleagues to solve problems and share best practice. 

With just two months until the PS Hub officially launches the project team are keen to send regular updates on operational changes that may impact you so we can achieve a seamless handover and allow vital operations to continue. The PS Hub Director, Natalie Conway, wrote to colleagues in December with the first of her monthly updates - this is the second monthly update. 

Message from Natalie Conway, PS Hub Director – January 2019

“The Hub Development group (setup to ensure high levels of communications and operational support between those services forming the PS Hub) have started an exciting piece of work to create a vision and set of values for the PS Hub. This will be vital when the five teams involved in the launch become one team and work together to improve service and share best practice. 

It is important that colleagues joining the PS Hub feel that they have a voice during this transitional period, and I am determined to ensure that they are met by a positive and welcoming culture when they join the team. I want us to be perfect example of a great place to work in UCL, and for future teams who may join us to be reassured about this reputation from speaking to colleagues.  All teams moving to the PS Hub will receive a briefing, which will inform them of progress and provide an opportunity to ask the Hub Director questions.

An important question that I continue to be asked by those joining the team, is about the configuration of the space. The project team are aiming to have this finalised by the end of January, with staff updated via the briefing. Although many of the teams are now used to agile working, teams will be asked to work in neighbourhoods to ensure that the initial move is successful and teams can continue to work closely. 

Just as important, is communication with services users. We will be sharing a range of updates over the coming weeks, focused on changes to mail services, how to contact teams and what you can expect from the PS Hub in Tranche 1.
I’m also keen to look to the future with work underway to identify the Tranche 2 scope, with potential candidates being evaluated against some agreed assessment criteria. Once the PS Hub is launched it will become more apparent what is needed to further support the Hub’s development and which teams will fit into the early work. 

I’m incredibly excited about the launch of the PS Hub and look forward to welcoming the new team on Monday 11 March. If you have any questions about the PS Hub, my role or plans please get in touch with me or Paul Downey (PS Hub Project Manager)."

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