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Professional Services Hub confirmed for 2019 launch

19 December 2018

The Professional Services Hub (PS Hub) is on track to launch early next year, with staff moving into 1 St Martin’s Le Grand (1SMLG) in February 2019.

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90 colleagues from Finance, HR and Estates will join approximately 30 ISD staff, who are already at 1SMLG, to form the first wave of staff moving to the PS Hub. 

The PS Hub will be led by Natalie Conway, as Interim Hub Director, who will be joining and leading the team once the PS Hub opens. Over time the PS Hub will provide the UCL community with a point of contact for cross-institutional services, as well as providing opportunities for PS staff to better develop their own expertise or expand their experience beyond a single service area.

This move will be a step towards improving service quality across the UCL Community and support colleagues by providing aligned and customer focused services from one location. 

The scheduled dates for teams moving to 1SMLG are as follows:

  • ISD colleagues will join the team from 15/02/2019
  • Finance colleagues will join the team from 08/03/2019
  • HR colleagues will join the team from 05/04/2019 (Subject to the launch of MyHR)
  • Estates colleagues will join the team in May 2019 (TBC)

How will this affect services?

In preparation for the move the TOPS team have been working closely with colleagues taking part in the move to collate information on current ways of working, organisational data and service catalogues, to help ensure a smooth transition.

At this stage, staff moving to 1SMLG will continue with their current work and no changes will be made to management structure or reporting lines. However, the team will continue conversations with staff and heads of services about what the future ways of working look like. 

By bringing together teams who work closely with each other in a single location, the PS Hub will enable closer collaboration and coordination, removing barriers and allowing colleagues to work more effectively. Although it will take time to develop this new way of working the first step is opening the PS Hub with a commitment to it being a great place work. 

Find out more about TOPS

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