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New webinars announced! Updated schedule for the 2024 UCL Research Capabilities Webinar Series

8 January 2024

We are excited to announce that new webinars have been added to UCL’s Research Infrastructure and Capabilities Webinar series, scheduled until July 2024.

A graphic to show UCL’s research infrastructure and capabilities webinar series

The webinar series, hosted by the UCL Therapeutic Innovations Networks (TINs), aims to highlight UCL’s Research Infrastructure and Capabilities that enable effective translation of research toward patient/public benefit. The series aims to encourage multidisciplinary collaborations across departments. Academics from the UCL biomedical community are invited to share subjects of interest based on their research expertise and interact with research fellows.

Register for the January sessions now, and don’t forget to save the dates in your diary for other upcoming sessions.

Full schedule of UCL’s Research Infrastructure and Capabilities Webinar Series and registration
Time: 1300-1345

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  • 10 Jan | Strategies to improve biologics manufacturing  | Prof. Paul Dalby, Dept of Biochem Engineering and Chair of the Biologics Therapeutic Innovation Networks, UCL [register] 
  • 24 Jan | Advanced biomimetic tissue models to mimic the tumour-stroma and test therapeutics | Prof. Umber Cheema, Bioengineering Department of Targeted Intervention, UCL [register]

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  • 7 Feb | Therapeutic applications of humanized antibodies | Prof. Stephen Moss, Institute of Ophthalmology, UCL
  • 21 Feb | Bioprinting for cytogastronomy | Dr. Darren Nesbeth, Dept of Biochemical Engineering and the Regenerative Medicine Therapeutic Innovation Network committee member, UCL
  • 13 Mar | In vitro and In vivo systems of human disease | Dr. Lucy Granat, Department of Neuromuscular Diseases; Dr Mattia Gerli, Div of Surgery & Interventional Sci, UCL
  • 27 Mar | Antisense oligonucleotides as potential treatments | Prof. Mike Cheetham, Institute of Ophthalmology, UCL
  • 10 Apr | LMCB Electron microscopy imaging facilities | Dr Jemima Burden, Electron MicroscopyLab for Molecular Cell Bio MRC-UCL
  • 8 May | Overview of UCL Mass Spectrometry Science Technology Platform | Prof. Konstantinos Thalassinos, Mass Spectrometry Structural & Molecular Biology, UCL
  • 15 May | Nanoparticle formulations for therapeutic nucleic acid delivery | Prof. Steve Hart, Department of Genetics & Genomic Medicine, Department of Genetics & Genomic Medicine and Biologics Therapeutic Innovation Network committee member, UCL
  • 22 May | Diagnostic and prognostic tools for chronic liver disease | Prof. Manolis Tsochatzis, Institute for Liver and Digestive Health, UCL
  • 5 Jun | Phage display technology for the identification of peptides and glycopeptide ligands | Dr Chris Morris, School of Pharmacy, Institute of Ophthalmology and Biologics Therapeutic Innovation Network committee member, UCL
  • 26 Jun | Overview of UCL Genomics core facility | Dr Mark Kristiansen, Genetics & Genomic Medicine Department, UCL
  • 3 Jul | Harnessing the hidden qualities of DNA | Prof. Stefan Howorka, Department of Chemistry, UCL
  • 17 Jul | Bioprinting for preclinical testing | Prof. Deepak Kalaskar, BioengineeringDepartment of Ortho and MSK Science
  • 31 Jul | Formulations of RNAs and antibodies for pulmonary delivery | Dr Jenny Lam, School of Pharmacy and Biologics Therapeutic Innovation Network committee member, UCL

Recordings of past webinars


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