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Small Molecules TIN Seminar: Targeted protein degradation - a new drug discovery modality

07 June 2021, 10:00 am–12:00 pm

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The Small Molecules Therapeutic Innovation Network (TIN) explore the therapeutic applications of targeted protein degradation strategies.

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Alina Shrourou


Online (Zoom)
United Kingdom

Targeted protein degradation strategies (e.g., PROTACs, AUTACs) are rapidly emerging as a new modality in drug discovery.

Hijacking the cells own protein disposal process to degrade disease-causing proteins, these chimeric molecules represent an alternative approach to conventional inhibitors. They can be described as a chemical knockdown approach that present new and different biology compared to other gene editing tools.

In this event, we will explore the therapeutic applications of these molecules with speakers from UCL and Imperial College London.


  • Prof David Selwood (Professor of Biological and Medical Chemistry at the Wolfson Institute for Biomedical Research, UCL)
  • Prof Edward Tate (Professor of Chemical Biology at the Department of Chemistry, Imperial College London)
  • Prof Robin Ketteler (Professor of Translational Cell Biology at Laboratory for Molecular Cell Bio, UCL)
  • Dr Robert Sellar (Senior Clinical Research Fellow at the Cancer Institute, UCL)

Intended audience - UCL and external researchers (any level) in the area of small molecule drug discovery interested in the screening capabilities that exist at UCL. We are also extending the invite to industry partners who may want to explore collaboration opportunities.

This event is open to all (UCL and non-UCL).

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