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Research in action: undergraduates compete to showcase their research in Parliament    

31 January 2018

On Tuesday 30 January, UCL undergraduates competed for a place at the national Posters in Parliament competition

Students present their posters in the Cloisters

Ten undergraduates from across UCL got the chance to showcase their research posters on Tuesday. 

While they were judged by a UCL panel, the students spent time explaining their research to fellow students and academics at the inaugural event; Posters in Cloisters.

The UCL panel comprised:

  • Dr Dill Fung, Academic Director of UCL Arena Centre Research-based Education
  • Dr Laurent Bozec, Head of Research, UCL Eastman Dental Institute
  • Anna Routova, UCL Connected Curriculum Student Fellow 

Two outstanding posters were selected for inclusion in the exhibition at Westminster on 20 February. The two students selected will present their posters to visitors to the exhibition and MPs, which is designed to show the growing emphasis on undergraduate research at UK universities.

The students chosen were:

Zane Mitrevica, F.M.Love, R.J.V. Roberts, R. Schlegel, M. Costa and G.S.X.E. Jefferies

UCL Division of Biosciences and Department of Zoology, University of Cambridge  

Poster title: How the brain produces behaviour: Connectomic analysis of aversive olfactory integration of the fruit fly

A student presents her poster on behaviour to the UCL judging panel

Enya Gomes Clynch, Sofia Spassova, Douglas Head, Justin Lutterbuese, Aoife Bye and Annabel Lyle

UCL Department of Biochemical Engineering 

Poster title: Analysis of spent coffee grounds as a feasible feedstock to meet bioethanol production demands  

Students present their poster on coffee beans to the UCL judging panel

Dr Dilly Fung, Academic Director of UCL Arena Centre Research-based Education commented:

The judging panel all agreed that the quality of the students’ posters and their presentations was very high. The projects represented a wide range of disciplines and types of investigation. Some were individual projects and others team-based. We'd like to commend all of the entrants, every one of whom showed just how impressive undergraduate research can be."

 Dr Laurent Bozec, Head of Research, UCL Eastman Dental Institute, said:

I was very impressed to see the quality of research being carried out, and well communicated, by our undergraduate students. Events like this really showcase our research-based education in action."

View photographs from the event

The other posters competing at Posters in Cloisters were

Fiona Darcy, BSc Social Science

Poster title: Meanings of care work in familial and non-familial settings: revisiting the men’s role with children to build capacity  


Francisco Sacadura, Soony Brookes, Brianna Beck, Francesca Fardo and Patrick Haggard, Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience 

Poster title: Dissociating perception and attention in a human experimental model of pain: thermal grill conditioning facilities late but not early somatosensory evoked potentials 


Melissa Shiress, UCL Institute of Archaeology

Poster title: An ethnoarchaelogical study of finger millet in Uganda 


Arran Finlan, UCL Department of Biochemical Engineering

Poster title: Investigating the influence of the Chlamydomonas reinhardtii cell wall on downstream processing for recombinant protein production 


Jonathan Holliday, Anh Duong Le, Mao Maunick, Shumell Gul, Jennifer Ng and Julia Krol, UCL Engineering 

Poster title: An analysis of the sustainability of UK bioethanol production using miscanthus


Amanda Liu, Claire Lim, Hongchang Fu, Pengli Wang, Wilbur Dublin and Yiyang Chen, UCL Department of Biochemical Engineering 

Poster title: Analysis of UK Bioethanol production from Farmed Seaweed 


Laura Katan, Manya Eversley and Sarai Keestra, Arts and Sciences BASc/Human Sciences

Poster title: The JewCL Podcast: Narratives of Jewish Students at UCL 


Roberto Hoffman, Mathematical and Physical Sciences

Poster title: Engineering Optogenetic actuators: UV light-controlled gene expression in plants