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Initiatives and resources supporting the objectives of UCL's Education Strategy 2016-21


Online teaching: guidance, tips and platforms

Central support from Arena and Digital Education to help you prepare for online teaching and learning.

Connected Learning is UCL's distinctive approach to online, socially distanced or blended teaching, learning support and assessment.

Connected Learning can take place online and face-to-face and supports rich, active and effective modes of learning as well as addressing the wider aspects of the student experience. At its heart is the principle that students are active participants in the learning process rather than passive recipients of information.

The focus is on the adaptation of existing modules for delivery in an alternative context and securing student engagement online, with the assumption that face-to-face lectures and large-class teaching will not take place in Term 1.

You can find out more about Connected Learning below, alongside top tips, case studies and toolkits to help you prepare your teaching materials. 

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UCL Connected Learning Baseline

The UCL Connected Learning Baseline sets out the minimum expectations, or baseline, for the design of all taught modules in Moodle.

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Programme Readiness Toolkit

To support programme and module leads to plan, focus and monitor their preparations for teaching and assessment.

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Teaching online: where to start

Quickstart gude to remote teaching and supervision of our students. 

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Online platforms and tools for Connected Learning

An overview of the teaching and learning technology recommended and supported by UCL.


Choosing the right platform for live teaching

Compare the features and suitability of UCL's recommended live, synchronous teaching platforms, Blackboard Collaborate, Zoom and MS Teams. 

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Guidance on recording of teaching during 2021-22

Interim guidance on recording teaching. An updated policy on recording educational activities is planned for 2022-23. 

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PC Cluster teaching

Arrangements for teaching in PC Cluster rooms in 2021-22.

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Online alternatives to lecturing

Start with the learning outcomes to help you to identify alternative activities to online lecturing.

Getting ready for remote teaching

Alternative labs and practice-based education

Strategies and resources for providing remote alternatives to labs and practice-based operations during Covid-19.


Staff development to prepare for teaching and assessment, 2021-22

A staff development programme and short, live events to help you prepare for providing an excellent education - online and on campus.

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Learning remotely

Basic guidance for students on how to get started and learn effectively online.


Netiquette: student guide to good online behaviour at UCL

With the shift to Connected Learning and greater online interaction at UCL this year, it is important that we prepare students for systems, platforms and approaches they can expect in their studies.