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28 Days of Sustainability: a lasting legacy: What’s next for Eco-Action at UCL?

14 March 2024

Now that 28 Days of Sustainability has finished for 2024, student sustainability ambassador Sarah Tan looks forward to how the UCL community can take the lessons learned and build on the inspiration gained from a month of fantastic events.

A close-up of students' hands as they create hand-painted signs and banners

Author: Sarah Tan, MSc Sustainable Resources: Economics, Policy and Transitions

As the month-long 28 Days of Sustainability closes, the campus is abuzz with reflections on the lasting impact and pathways illuminated for future engagement in sustainability. Launched at the beginning of February, the aim of the campaign was to galvanise students and staff towards a collective effort in fostering awareness on the climate crisis and enacting tangible changes within the university. 

From career panels to cooking workshops, UCL witnessed a flurry of engaging events and discussions, all designed to deepen understanding and spark action on sustainability issues. More than 1,500 students and staff attended the programme across 23 events, demonstrating the appetite for sustainable action within the UCL community.

As the curtains close on this month-long journey, the question arises: What’s next? How can we continue the spirit and momentum? What will you do next?

Here are some suggestions for you to continue your involvement in sustainable action:

1.    Apply for a place on the UCL Sustainability Leadership Conference
Sustainable UCL and the Students’ Union UCL have recently announced an exciting new event – the UCL Sustainability Leadership Conference. This two-day event will bring together 120 students from across the university to hear from a programme of expert speakers from the world of sustainability. Applications for places are open until 20th March – you can find out more and apply for a place at the conference here.

2.    Join campus sustainability groups
UCL boasts numerous student-led sustainability groups and projects such as the Climate Action Society and Zero Food Waste. Joining these initiatives provides an excellent opportunity to stay engaged and collaborate with fellow eco-conscious individuals to drive meaningful change. View sustainable clubs and societies on the Student Sustainability Hub to explore them further and join the moment for change! 

3.    Participate in sustainability challenges
The UCL Living Lab provides an opportunity for students and staff to solve sustainability challenges through research and dissertations. Discover some of the innovative Living Lab case studies piloted on campus.

4.    Help to embed sustainability into curriculum
Extensive work is underway to develop resources to support academic staff to develop their practice in Education for Sustainable Development (ESD). These efforts consist of a toolkit, workshops, a massive open online course (MOOC), dedicated ESD Leads, curriculum mapping, training and much more. By embracing these resources, faculty members can play a pivotal role in shaping a generation of environmentally conscious leaders. You can view the ESD resources here.

Students can also get involved in this process through the ESD network. – keep an eye on Sustainable UCL’s social media and newsletters for relevant events.

5.    Promote sustainable practices in daily life
Whether it’s reducing single-use plastic cups or opting for vegetarian or vegan food options, every action counts. You can read about some of the ways you can start making a positive impact in UCL today in this article.

By embracing sustainability as a core value, you can continue to lead the way in creating a more sustainable and resilient future for generations to come. Let us carry the legacy of 28 Days of Sustainability forward and work towards a more sustainable tomorrow! Let’s make Change Possible!