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Sustainable UCL Coronavirus Update

18 March 2020

Keeping you updated on Sustainable UCL activities during this time and offering some tips for working from home.

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Like Climate Change, the Coronavirus is affecting the most vulnerable in society. During this time we encourage everyone to take care of themselves and think of those who might be more vulnerable.

Following UK and UCL advice, to prevent COVID-19 from spreading, our events will be postponed until further notice.

This includes the following:

  • Swap Shop & Repair Café – 20th March,
  • Lab Repair Clinic – 20th March,
  • Bike Maintenance and Bike Sale – 3rd April.

We will keep you updated when these will be returning.

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Help UCL Switch Off:

As we are being asked to work remotely, please help switch UCL off, as you would for the Easter Switch Off.

Make use of our resources to shut down appropriately and we encourage you to guide others to do the same.

This will be particularly tricky for those working in Labs; we have updated our Labs Switch Off Checklist to reflect the closures. If you have any concerns regarding switching off in your lab, speak to your local facilities staff or drop our Sustainability Labs Advisor, Martin Farley an email.


Green Impact:

We are keeping with the current Green Impact timeline for now and will be reviewing as things unfold in the upcoming weeks with contingency plans in place. We are working with NUS to undertake digital audits and we will be flexible with the following:

  • Submission Deadline - 15th May,
  • Office Audits - 27th May.

All leading up to the exciting summer Sustainability Awards on July 15th! Nominations will soon be open for this so keep your eyes on our News page.

For our regularly scheduled Sustainability Workshops, we are working on the best method of sharing these with you virtually.


Sustainable activities whilst working from home:

Consider your mental health, whilst focusing on the physical, and know that you are not alone: UCL faces this as a community.

If it is safe for yourself and others around you, think how you might help your local community. Check out QueerCare for advice and resources on how you can do this.

If you can, stretch your legs and head for a local park.

Sew buttons on all those shirts, skirts and jackets you keep putting off.

Make a dent in that stack of ‘to read’ books that always seems to be growing: to simultaneously stimulate your imagination, give your eyes a rest from the screen and save carbon during this stressful time.

Now is also a good time to brush up on your virtual connectivity skills. Many of us are adapting to working from home and we have resources to help you. Information Services Division (ISD) have also put together some tips for remote working.

Follow us on social media @SustainableUCL and UCL’s Institute of Making page for fun activities you can do from home.


Wishing you good health,

Sustainable UCL