Sustainable UCL


Student study on energy reduction

Students from the Centre for Behaviour Change and the UCL Behavioural Innovations Team put their studies into practice by collaborating with Sustainable UCL on a series of digital screens.

Digital screen with an energy saving poster

1 July 2021

The students developed screens which are tailored to each building to nudge passers-by to adopt energy saving behaviours.

Kezia Stewart, Founder of the UCL Behavioural Innovations Team said about the experience:

As a team we really enjoyed the open mindedness Sustainable UCL have to incorporating behavioural science into their work. We learnt a lot about what it is like to work on a real-life sustainable problem, learning from Hannah and Ciaran the real-life barriers they face but also the passion we shared for changing behaviour for a positive environmental effect. Ultimately, combining the innovative tech behind Fabriq with wellconsidered behavioural insight was enjoyable and productive.

Have you spotted any of their energy saving posters on UCL's digital screens?

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