Sustainable UCL


It's All Academic – A Net-Zero Carbon Festival

The OVPA team hosted its first net-zero carbon event.

It's All Academic Festival

19 November 2019

The 'It's All Academic Festival' run by OVPA, was UCL's first net Zero Carbon event. Taking a holistic approach, the team set to make the festival sustainable by mapping out all of its impacts and opportunities from travel, to waste, energy and engagement.

With over 3,500 attendees, OVPA realised the opportunity they had to showcase UCL's role in shaping a sustainable future and encouraging positive sustainable behaviour.

The team ensured that UCL's cutting-edge research on Climate Change and Sustainability was at the forefront of the festival line-up.

With 100% vegetarian catering, digital tickets, free water dispensers, biodegradable glitter, climate change comedy and reusable cup schemes, the team sparked conversation and showcased how with a few tweaks we can all be part of creating a sustainable future.

To reduce the festival's carbon footprint attendees were invited to travel in a sustainable manner and the remaining carbon was offset through financing renewable energy projects in over 15 countries worldwide.