Sustainable UCL


OVPA and CAM join forces in Fairtrade Bake-off

Held during Fairtrade fortnight, Sustainable UCL holds a bake competition with certificates for originality, flavour and sustainability.

3 cakes made with Fairtrade ingredients

30 July 2019

The Office of the Vice-Provost (Advancement) is made up of Development and CAM, both situated in Bidborough House, on the 4th and 1st floors respectively.

The Development side has been holding a Fairtrade bake-off for a number of years, and in 2019 we were able to collaborate with CAM, resulting in a bigger, longer and more delicious bake-off than ever!

Held in conjunction with Fairtrade Fortnight, every year we encourage colleagues to bake sustainable, creative-looking treats to bring into the office and enter into a competition, with an overall winner and extra certificates for originality, flavour and sustainability.

"This competition is widely looked forward to and we were delighted this year to include our colleagues from CAM, with an eye on a Bidborough House-wide competition next year!" said Leigh Wetherall and Alex Page

How we ran our bake sale 

Information about the upcoming contest was circulated via all-staff email in the weeks running up to the competition, encouraging all budding bakers to take part.

The entries were then split over several days, with two tasting sessions per day.

Entries were anonymised for fairness and instead identified by flags.

Colleagues were invited to whichever floor the tasting session was on to sample the offerings, mingle with each other and vote for their favourites.

Following a filling week, the results of the voting were worked out by Leigh in a very detailed spreadsheet, and certificates were made for the winners, to be presented at an all-staff meeting.

Staff participation was great (we had over 30 cakes/biscuits/savoury entries) and those who didn’t bake had a very enjoyable time tasting and voting.

Set up your own bake sale

If you want to fill your office with freshly baked goodies, you can! All you need is:

  1. An all-staff mailing list or similar to communicate the competition rules and details;
  2. A ‘tasting area’ to set up the cakes/biscuits etc;
  3. A clear way of recording votes and winners (we had people vote on four categories and a spreadsheet to total up what each entry received);
  4. Certificates or a prize of your choice for the winner(s).