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Try a Sample - History and Philosophy of Science BSc

UCL Department of Science and Technology Studies (STS) offers History and Philosophy of Science BSc, UCAS code V500. Here are some samples of the subject, provided by tutors teaching on the degree.

If you're considering this degree, you really should visit our department and meet you future tutors face-to-face. If that is impossible, here are some short films as a "virtual" introduction.

For more information, contact the STS Undergraduate Admissions Tutor <sts-admissions@ucl.ac.uk>. We can arrange Skype and Facetime conversations.


The STS Admissions Tutor, Dr Carina Fearnley, introduces our degrees (we have two) and the range of activities associated with them.

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Introduction to Philosophy of Science

Dr Phyllis Illari introduces one of our key subjects in this sample lecture. 

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Introduction to History of Science

Professor Andrew Gregory introduces history of science in 

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What use is History?

Professor Jon Agar isn't surprised to hear another call in political circles for identity and nationality cards. As an award-winning historian of science and technology, he places such calls in historical perspective. Taking the long view helps us understand both short and long term pressures.

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What use is Philosophy?

Dr Brendan Clarke is a philosopher of medicine focusing on the nature of evidence: what do we need to know before we feel sure we have a sound evidence base in our decision making.

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Study because it fascinates you

Dr Chiara Ambrosio is an internationally-recognised authority on the philosophy of pragmatism and helped to invent integrated history and philosophy of science as a discipline. In this talk, she ....

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Study because it helps you understand ideas in new ways

Dr Simon Werrett is ...

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