Science and Technology Studies


STS offers degrees at each university level: undergraduate, masters, and PhD


STS offers CPD for Sixth-Form Teachers

UCL Department of Science and Technology Studies (STS) offers continuing professional development (CPD) and TeamMeets for sixth-form teachers, working together to share knowledge and best practice.

Upcoming STS CPD Events

STS offers CPD for teaching in humanities and sciences
2020 - STS CPD: teaching about Artificial Intelligence in Sociology and Politics

2020 - STS CPD: teaching about Artificial Intelligence in History and Philosophy

AI has become a fundamental part of our lives, and few areas are left untouched. In this STS continuing professional development (CPD) training day, we explore how disciplines such as sociology and politics contribute to shaping AI. We discuss ways teachers can connect AI topics to sixth-form curriculum, specifically for A-level teaching. We also will explore how philosophy, history, and other humanities can add perspective on topics as diverse as law, ethics, global history, and communication. For example, how might we relate the AI currently present in most smart phones to decision making that will shape the lives of our students for many decades to come?


  • STS CPD events are FREE to attend. We know funds are tight.
  • For 2020-21, STS events will be online. You register; you're in.
  • Registrants to our CPD events receive a certificate of participation.
  • Date and Time: To be confirmed.
  • We will post registration details here once the date is confirmed.
  • We will post the programme here once it is confirmed.
  • Can't make this date? STS also offers talks and visits for individual schools. If you're interested in showing your pupils a different view on science and technology, contact our Schools officer Professor Emma Tobin.

Previous STS CPD Events

2019 CPD Event (Inset) focused on "Climate Change in the Classroom"

Climate change is one of the most pressing issues of our times. Scientists are overwhelmingly agreed on the causes, and yet many feel that not enough is being done. The STS Inset Day 2019 aims to help teachers discuss the subject with a deeper understanding of the history of the climate change movement, the philosophical arguments behind it, and greater insights into how the media portray the issue.

2018 CPD Event (Inset) focused on "Women in Science"

A considerable gender gap exists when looking at STEM subjects at University, despite girls outscoring boys in tests at school level. The field of STS, with its insight into communication and policy, has much to offer when trying to solve this issue, and so the department decided to run its first Inset day to help teachers find new approaches for encouraging young women to take up STEM subjects.