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Journalists visit STS

25 March 2019

As part of the HPSC0107 and HPSC0122 Science Journalism modules, STS held talks from two esteemed journalists, providing students with useful careers advice.

First, Andrew Johnson,  Assistant News Editor at the i newspaper, gave a discussion on how print media in the UK is working, and went through examples in the current edition of the i. Then, later that afternoon, Timothy Revell, Technology News Editor of the New Scientist, gave more specific guidance about science and technology journalism, along with a selection of useful advice for those looking to move into a career in journalism.

These visits follow previous talks from a wide range of science communication experts, as mentioned in the latest edition of Alchemy, and we aim to run similar events in future years. Do you have suggestions for people you'd like to hear from? Email us at sts@ucl.ac.uk and let us know!