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Prof. Joe Cain steps down as HoD

21 June 2019

After eight years as STS's Head of Department, Prof. Joe Cain will be stepping down at the end of August 2019. The department held a small celebration in honour of his time in the role.

Having joined the department in 1996, after completing his PhD from the University of Minnesota and a visiting professorship at the University of Oklahoma, Joe became Head of Department in 2011.  In 2012, Joe also was awarded UCL's Public Engagement Unit's award for the head of department who has shown the strongest commitment to culture change in their area of responsibility with respect to public engagement. He also has received special commendations from UCL's Provost for his extensive public engagement activity. After renewing his post for three years in 2016, his appointment as HoD has now come to an end, and the department held a small celebration to commemorate his time.

Following initial drinks, the gathering began with a small speech from Prof. Jon Agar and Dr. Emma Tobin, who will be taking over as co-Heads of Department from September 2019. Joe then proceeded to thank those who had gathered, before Dr Brendan Clarke presented Joe with two gifts - a contribution to his recent Charity Bike Ride, and a museum archive box filled with mementoes of his time as Head.

However, Joe will not be leaving the department. While he's taking a research sabbatical during 2019-20, he will return to teaching in 2020-21 - we look forward to seeing him refreshed and ready to go!

If you would like to donate to Joe's Bike Ride for the British Heart Foundation, you can do so at Joe's BHF JustGiving page.